Tuesday, April 30, 2013

behind the scenes: national athletic ad, day two

fake it till you make it!!
after trying different things i have found the perfect combo on..
how to make your models fake sweat:
1. rub baby oil all over where you need the "sweat"
2. in a spray bottle add one half glycerin and one half warm water.
3. shake mixture and spray generously.
you can find glycerin at any drugstore :) 

nothing like getting sprayed down first thing in the morning, huh brian hin!?!

ooooh, one handed!

i like artsy angles.

oh yeah i'm also a profess hand wrapper.. chalk that up for me.

my assistant trying to keep up..

the studio and mah peeps.

work station #1 makeup and hair

work station #2 wardrobe

jenny's new seat, looks super comfy.


more bendy.


if you're sexy and you know it clamp yo hands! 

anyone need a clip? i got a few..

muchacha makes it rain!!

coolest pic evahh! rhyan is a track star at byu.

oh, hai!


after!! rhyan atrice photo by ryan atwood

that's a wrap people!! soooo pinch yo stylist!

freaking rocked it out today!! 
these models and their perfect bodies are seriously making me wanna eat some organic grass or broccoli or something super healthy and maybe do some push ups every 15seconds of my life!! 
funny thing is i didn't feel bad about watching them do their thang while i sat back watched and ate swedish fish and peanut butter m&m's from kraft services. lol.. 
ehh i'll start my diet next week, hehe:)

Monday, April 29, 2013

last week's lippy review

nars "train bleu velvet" lip pencil with rimmel kate moss collection #107

dior addict lipstick "new look" #745

nars lipstick in "funny face"

revlon colorburst "sizzle canicule" #046

dior rouge "mauve mystere" #786

the best lip liner ever!!!! fills in lip lines and keeps lipgloss and lipstick from bleeding:) dior "universal lipliner" used here with dior "new look" #745

don't be afraid of lippy power pouts! play around with your lipstick colors and add a pop of fun to your pout:) love me some lippies!


behind the scenes: national athletic ad

today i was booked to wardrobe style, hair style and do makeup. i can't say what it is for until it is released, that's the only way i can take behind the scenes pictures and post them. it is going to be a national ad though;) so that's always exciting, it's cool seeing your work running all over the county:)! annnnd how hot are the models?!! i had four today and omg they all made me want to work out and lift benches for fun. they were all so cut and lean and super talented. i was on sweat duty and i'm not gunna lie, i had fun spraying the crap out of them making them look all "sweaty". i have round two of our shoot tomorrow so i'm off to wash my makeup brushes;)


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

d.i.y: belted booties


i've had a lot of requests asking me to do a post on how i made my swash buckling pirate booties, as i like to call them, so here you go:)

hope my instructions can help you make the swash buckling pirate booties of your dreams!! lol

let me know if you have any questions;)