Tuesday, April 30, 2013

behind the scenes: national athletic ad, day two

fake it till you make it!!
after trying different things i have found the perfect combo on..
how to make your models fake sweat:
1. rub baby oil all over where you need the "sweat"
2. in a spray bottle add one half glycerin and one half warm water.
3. shake mixture and spray generously.
you can find glycerin at any drugstore :) 

nothing like getting sprayed down first thing in the morning, huh brian hin!?!

ooooh, one handed!

i like artsy angles.

oh yeah i'm also a profess hand wrapper.. chalk that up for me.

my assistant trying to keep up..

the studio and mah peeps.

work station #1 makeup and hair

work station #2 wardrobe

jenny's new seat, looks super comfy.


more bendy.


if you're sexy and you know it clamp yo hands! 

anyone need a clip? i got a few..

muchacha makes it rain!!

coolest pic evahh! rhyan is a track star at byu.

oh, hai!


after!! rhyan atrice photo by ryan atwood

that's a wrap people!! soooo pinch yo stylist!

freaking rocked it out today!! 
these models and their perfect bodies are seriously making me wanna eat some organic grass or broccoli or something super healthy and maybe do some push ups every 15seconds of my life!! 
funny thing is i didn't feel bad about watching them do their thang while i sat back watched and ate swedish fish and peanut butter m&m's from kraft services. lol.. 
ehh i'll start my diet next week, hehe:)

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