Saturday, April 20, 2013

makeup show prep and a nars giveaway

the products


my favorite for all over face coverage for this spring and summer is bb creme. 
bb creme is amazing and gives soft light coverage with an spf, it is very similar to a tinted moisturizer, it leaves your skin looking soft and glowing.

i used dior skin nude bb creme spf10 on my model jamie in "#003"

other comparable bb cremes are:
covergirl cg smoothers bb creme spf13 in "#810 light-medium"
maybelline dream fresh bb creme spf30 in "medium sheer tint"

lets talk blush..

christian dior "rosy glow" 
don't let this blush scare you with it's pepto bismol coloring. it works with your skins natural ph levels to turn into the most perfect blush color made just for you.
it's like magic.

a fun comparable to try is maybelline dream bouncy blush in #10.


the pallet i used on jamie is the christian dior "incognito #030" pallet. this pallet is perfect for spring because of the soft bronzes, grays, pinks and whites. you can create a very soft bronzy smokey eye with this pallet.

other comparable colors and pallets are:
cover girl "golden sunset #115"
maybelline eyestudio "caffeine rush #5"
nars creme shadows in "el dorado" and "biarritz"

my favorite mascaras:

i used christian dior "diorshow" in black on jamie. 
i love, love, love this mascara because it makes your lashes so plush and long, it's like lash extensions in a tube.

other comparable/favs are:
smashbox "full exposure" mascara in black
maybelline "great lash" in blackest black

not just bronzer it's a contour.

bronzer is a must for me, i use it to contour the face and it adds a sun kissed glow with out the damaging rays of the sun. wrinkle prevention ladies, use bronzer.

on jamie i used smashbox bronze lights "suntan matte" i prefer matte bronzer but everyone is different.
if you like bronzer with a little shimmer try smashbox fusion soft lights "baked starburst" 
 rimmel sun shimmer in "sun kiss #001" 
another great matte bronzer/blush combo is l'oreal the one sweep sculpting blush duo "posh chic #835"

the final look:
fresh bronzy and rosie for our jamie

the lip color i used on jamie is rimmel the kate moss collection in #06 

i also lined her bottom water line and "tight lined" her upper lash line with cover girl perfect point plus eye pencil in "#220 midnight blue".
 "tight lining" is smudging eyeliner very close to the upper lash line giving your eyes a wide eyed look.

i was going to post lip colors that are comparable and that are my favorite for the spring/summer season but i will be doing another live makeup segment for utah's ch.2 news on May 7th about vibrant lip colors so i will wait to post.

the giveaway:
nars orgasm 1.1oz illuminator

i use this to highlight my cheeks, shoulder, d√©colletage, legs.. you name it, it's fahhhbulous. 

the rules

1. follow my (this) blog

2. follow me on instagram: muchachamary 

*when done and following both this blog and my ig*

3. comment "make me up mary" on this blog and my instagram (this pic)

i will be drawing the lucky winner on monday april 22

good luck!!!



  1. Make me up Mary!!! Like seriously I'd probably give my left arm to have you do my makeup some day :p ha ha love the bloggie XO

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