Sunday, May 5, 2013

sei bella, you are beautiful.

this is my 4th year working at the melaleuca international convention. i have been to multiple conventions in multiple states with melaleuca and i always have a blast working with them.

my position is key instructional makeup artist, although sometimes there are two of us. this year they brought on my fellow agency represented makeup artist,  amber woody. she is also an amazing artist and so fun to work with.

our event lasted three days and in those three days we work non-stop doing mini 15min complete face makeup makeovers. it's so fun and also so tiring because you are on your feet for 7hours with one break, if you're lucky. we are givin a break every other hour but there is no time to take one because there are soooo many ladies waiting to get a makeover and you just feel bad leaving.

the last couple years i have been the onstage makeup artist instructor, this year they didn't have a stage so they took to on-camera filming. the ladies were so excited to see the lights and the camera guys, it was pretty neat.

to me makeup is not just products or coverup or color.. to me makeup is about highlighting your natural beauty so that your inner beauty can really radiate. there is nothing more valuable than self worth and self confidence. makeup makes us women (and some men) feel our best.

when i get a lady in my chair and she says to me "i don't know how to do makeup or i have never known how to pick the right colors for me." i get excited because i am the one who is going to help her,  not only help her pick out beautiful colors but help her change her life. every client that i help and that i makeover is special, is beautiful, is strong. they may not feel it when they first sit in my chair but by the end of our session they embody it. there is no need for words because the look on their faces when they see the final result is so beautiful, almost tear jerking.

to look in the mirror and really feel beautiful is priceless.
my job is my heart and that is why i love what i do.

below i have posted a bunch of before and after pictures of my complete face 15min makeup makeovers, they have not been filtered:)
i showed each lady how to apply an easy look with less product and how to accentuate their best facial feature.

this is one of my favorite transformations. the first pic is of how she looked when she came to me. her makeup was really intense, i don't think this pic does it justice. i wiped her face clean (her brows are tattooed on) and applied softer bronzy colors, filled in her brows with a brunette color and added a fun red punchy glossy lip. beautiful.

helping my fellow ladies help themselves to bring out the sexy beauties inside of them and making friends from around the globe is humbling and amazing.
i am thankful to be able to do this and i am honored to help each one of them.


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