Tuesday, July 2, 2013

free like an animal

pic creds: ali kunz
creative production: me
tank top: nordstrom old, shorts: diy cutoff levi's, booties: nordstrom old,
american flag scarf: down east outfitters similar here, tribal cuff: ebay, eagle necklace: nordstrom here,
flare necklace: target, hat: urban outfitters old similar here, watch: michele

being an american means we are free..
free to rome, free to live and free to wonder.
we should not forget that our animals have the same rights and are free as well.
live wild my friends.


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  1. How did you do this?! Amazing skills my friend. Come to my linkup. You can put your blog on their and it is a great way for others to see it cause I think they would be as impressed as me ;)