Wednesday, August 14, 2013

the oscar pallet

i was just flown to vegas for 4 days to do makeup and hair for on camera testimonials for a national corporate event. 
luckily, i was able to slip away to the forum shops to where the mac store is and pick up some new eyeshadows and create a one of a kind pro-pallet. these colors are gorg, some are mahh favs and perfecto for any event, shoot, you name it, even perfect for an every day makeup look.
 i wanted to share this pallet with you and show you what colors i picked and their names. i name all of my pallets, i named this one "the oscar pallet" because it's an award winning type of pallet, like i said some of my favs are in it..and the guys name helping me at mac happened to be named oscar and he was a total sweetheart and diva (if that makes sense) lol :) 

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