Thursday, October 10, 2013

fox 13 live- beauty on a budget segment, how to: "pop art" halloween makeup

hostest with the mostest: nineveh dinha, me and mahh lovely model amanda jones
what you need to achieve the "pop art " look
amanda jones, mahh famous radio dj personality friend and muse

watch my segment here:

this look is super easy and the awesome part is most of you already have these products in your own personal makeup kit. now that's beauty on a budget for you!

how to achieve the "pop art" comic book look:

1. use your foundation and if needed concealer how you normally would, apply your loose powder to set your foundation.

2. using the black liquid eyeliner- outline your face, start at the forehead, down your temples to your chin and so on..

3. heavily fill in your eyebrows, we want to exaggerate everything so go crazy with it. this is the one time that it's ok too.

4. smile. outline your smile lines and outline your cheek bones, chin and forehead.

5. outline your ears, nose and nostrils, like shown in the picture on amanda.

6. you can add a little beauty mark mole if you want.

7. outline your outer lips, exaggerating them if you want, line the inside of your lips as well.

8. apply a bright blush to the apples of your cheeks.

9. apply your bright eyeshadow all over your upper eyelid and smudge it on the bottom lash line.

10. apply false eyelashes to both your lower lash line and your upper lash line. you may also apply the liquid eyeliner after you have done this to your top and bottom lash lines. for the falsies: i like to use a longer fuller false lash for the top and a shorter less full false lash for the bottom.

11. using your white eyeliner apply a streak it to the bottom lip, this will act as your highlight.

12. using your lipstick apply it to your lips, as if coloring in a coloring book, be careful not to smudge the white eyeliner highlight and careful not to smudge the lipstick into your black liner. this is why we outline the lips first, so that it has had time to dry.

13. using the same liquid lipstick dot face carefully not to smudge the dots. i like to go in a pattern so that it looks neat.

14. pair with a cool pop art sweater or comic book tee-shirt, pull your hair up into some retro pin curls or toss on a cool wig and tahhhh-dahhhh.. you are all ready for your halloween party!!!

lmk if you have any questions, hope you like :)