Tuesday, November 12, 2013

fox 13 live- beauty on a budget segment, how to: "the living doll" halloween makeup

mahh lovely models:
jamielynn crandall and ian wambold

watch my segment here: http://fox13now.com/?s=muchachamary&search_submit=

this is another super easy, different, fun halloween makeup look that anyone can do. it's an awesome couples costume idea. it's also great because most of us already have these four items used in our own personal makeup kits.

how to achieve the "living doll" look:

1. use a creme white eyeshadow and white out the entire eye socket on both eyes, all the way up to the brow bone and around.

 2. apply blush along the apples of the cheeks, make sure you use a lot to give it that doll like feel.

3. accentuate and flare out the top eyebrows with your thick black waterproof eyeliner.

4. with the black eyeliner draw on the bottom flared eyelashes onto the bottom of the eye socket following the curve of the eye.

5. with the black eyeliner dot on little freckles on cheeks and nose.

6. with your red lipstick fill in the top lip.

7. with your red lipstick you are going to draw fake bottom lips that mirror your real top lips onto your chin.

9. with the red lipstick you are going to connect your top lip corner with your back bottom lip corner drawing a thin line, this will be your outline for the inside of the fake mouth.

10. using your thick black waterproof eyeliner you are going to color in your real bottom lip and your chin area inside the this lipstick line you made outlining your fake bottom lip. it should all be blacked out in that area.

the teeth!
11. using the bottom of your eyeshadow brush or the bottom of a pen, scoop out a little bit of creme white eyeshadow. you will be doing this per tooth. take the white creme eyeshadow and apply it to your blacked out bottom lip making a chiclet sized tooth. continue to make teeth along you real bottom blacked out black lip. this will give the illusion on upper teeth.

12. using the same technique, apply teeth above your fake chin lips.

and that's it!! super easy:)

now you can put on a cute dress for the girls and a collard button-up shirt and slacks for the guys and add some large bows. i got these bows at walmart for 98cents!!

hope you enjoyed, lmk if you have any questions:)


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