Thursday, December 12, 2013

fox13 live- beauty on a budget segment, how to: keep your lipstick on your face and not all over your significant other's face.

my gorgeous lip model/friend: jamie lynn crandall and our beautiful host: nineveh dinha

who doesn't love a holiday smooch under the mistletoe?

love the kiss but not the evidence.
keep your lipstick off his sweet cheeks, no guy likes having lipstick smeared all over his face or lips.
my husband hates it.

do your hostess a favor by not staining her wine glasses with your lipstick.

i swear we have all had this happen,
and i swear it happens when we are talking to someone who we are trying to impress. lol

now how do we avoid all of this?
 just like the skin on our bodies, we need to exfoliate the skin on our lips. specially in the winter because it is so cold and dry outside. sugar lip polish is mahh fav, i use it at least 3 times a week and it keeps my lipstick from flaking because i don't have any dead skin cells hanging out. plus it smells like sugar, hence the name, so yummy:) and well worth $20 i promise , it lasts.

 i am a huuuuuge fan of dior's universal lipliner so when i found it's twin, made by sephora, i could not pass it up. with a price point of $10 vs dior's $28 this is a must have!! this is the only lipliner you will ever need. 
but it's white you say?! 
it's actually clear and it goes on clear. 
the waxy residue acts as a barrier and prevents any feathering or lipstick/ lipgloss bleed. it also fills in any fine lines or wrinkles you may have around your lips. 
so so ahhhmazing. go get it, now!

 color last lipstick by sephora. i love a good lip stain but i hate when that lip stain dries out your lips and flakes off before the start of your night. 
well problem solved!!! 
this lipstick stain is also ahhhhhmazeballs!! 
i was skeptical when i heard about it but i tried it and it worked, it worked for well over 5 hrs on me. and the thing i love about this lipstick is, is that i don't need any kind of lip balm or chapstick before hand. it is that moisturing and it is that amazingly vibrant all day. price $13, not bad, not bad at all.

 testing the lip colors, there are well over 15 vibrant colors to choose from. if you love red, they have a sexy one for you!! i actually wore it for the show. and if you love a fuchsia, they have a sassy one for you. i put that on jamie. but if you love a nude then they have a pretty one for you.. go check them out and test out a couple colors for you, for your next holiday party. just beware they don't wash off easily, at all.

 that's were this incredible makeup remover comes in($15). i was able to remove the lipstick stains off my hand (and lips) easily with my mary freakin' kay oil-free eye makeup remover! i love love love this eye makeup remover, i use it to remove any kind of waterproof makeup and it always comes off with ease. no harsh chemicals or drying, in fact it moisturizes your skin and leaves it super super soft. if you are in utah you can buy this and any mary kay product from: barbara crandall 801.450.4829

hair/makeup and styling on mahh mega babe muse, jamie by me :)
you can view the segment here: 

now you can go crazy on the dance floor, make out under the mistletoe with your significant other, eat drink and be merry at all your holiday events with out smearing your lipstick all over your face:)


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