Thursday, January 23, 2014

fox 13 live- beauty on a budget: "sundance film festival" beauty and style fresh off the scene

 love me some sundance steez!! 
while it's 80 degrees where most of these celebs fly in from for the festival, it's like this for us all winter long! so it's fun to see what they rock when they come to our cold and dry climate. 
even though it's freezing, they still have fun with their style and so should we!
 i'll be showing you some looks that were popular from the sundance scene that you can recreate and make your own.

festival trends, i love kate hudson's furry hat!!

mahh gorgeous models:
amy updike(npc bikini pro), makayla robinson(hair wizard and super babe), joi suliafu(mama long legs)

ski bunny babe
this look is super chill, effortless for when you've just stepped off the slopes (or pretended to) 
and still super hot!! 
specially on amy's rockin' bod!!
pair an insulated work out pull over with your fav printed legging and add a pop of color with a warm thick scarf.
 tame your hair with a fun beanie and add some cool shades(specially helpful if you have raccoon eyes from skiing all day). finish off with some high top wedge sneakers instead of snow boots, hers are from aldo but you can find cheaper one's at forever 21.
her whole look is from target!!(except her shoes, which i just said lol)

do you hate when your lipgloss leaves your lips pealing and flaking?!
try a lip balm stain in the winter instead of gloss.
 that way you'll have moisturized yet colorful lips all day.

elegant park city main street walker
lol, ok that title sounds dirty, i almost said that on air and thank goodness i didn't!! haha
i would've been peeing my pants!! 
let's rename this look, the elegant party goer!
not soo much, but you get the picture here.
joi looks fahhhbulous and chic!!
(faux) fur hats are probably the biggest trend up at the festival, they are my personal fav too!
and i love me a good chunky knit turtle neck sweater, they keep you warm and are sophisticated. 
paired up with a beautiful trench coat to keep you extra warm(for those main street strolls lol) 
add some thick insulated black leggings and some knee high boots.
and ((bam)) what a hot mama!!
her outfit is from tj maxx, including that $50 michael kors trench! love.

the air in park city is super cold and since our elevation is soooo high(6,900ft 2,103m at the base), i highly suggest that you double up on your moisturizer. 
after your first coat reapply a second thin coat in a circular motion, really letting it soak in.
 don't forget to apply to your neck as well.
make sure your moisturizer has sunscreen in it because the sun's uv rays can be 
intensified 90% by the snow.

the sundance kid
makayla is our country/boho babe!
this look is totes her and totes me too:)
her whole outfit, minus her boots and skinny jeans are also from target!!!
i found her flannel in the boy's/men's section, that is where i find all my flannels!! 
they have the best selection, i promise you:)
and her oversized sweater was on clearance for $14.99, it's a perfect dupe for a free people one i saw except a quarter of the price. 
we accessorized with a cowboyish/boho hat, from the men's section as well and a perfect fringy camel colored purse.

makayla has super long beautiful hair, so to keep it protected during the dry cold winter months.
 i suggest using a moisturizing leave-in conditioner.
give your hair a heat break, now's the perfect time:)
apply to towel dry, let air dry, maybe apply a beach wave spray and your good to go.

it was fun to style my beautiful models(and myself, my dress is also from target $12.99).
 i was able to play off of what each lady's lifestyle was and so the looks i picked for them are looks they would actually wear.
i hope you can find what look works for you and recreate your own sundance film festival inspired look:)
thanks again to our gorgeous hostess nineveh dinha and fox13 for having us!!

with fox's other superstar babe of a news anchor

a little behind the scene video for you..

giveaway time!!!

enter to win-
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good luck:)

you can watch the full segment here:


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    If: @catmartinez22

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