Thursday, January 2, 2014

fox13 live- beauty on a budget segment, how to: beauty new year's resolutions for your face.

it's new year's resolution time and most often people forget about their face.
our face needs love too, so make it a resolution to kick start your skin in to shape, here's some advice on what you can do for a healthy beautiful mug for 2014.

products featured on the segment are all from walgreens and all under $16:)
a liter of water $2, burt's bees sensitive facial cleansing wipes $5.99, 
neutrogena oil-free moisturizer spf35 $15.99, zebra print pillow case-mine, 
makeup sponges $2.99, aveeno baby shampoo $4.99

staying hydrated
this is so important, specially after new year's eve and all the partying that took place, it can leave you very dehydrated. increase your water consumption to at least 2 liters a day. i actually try to drink at least 1gallon of water a day. we are constantly loosing water throughout the day, going to the bathroom, spitting, kissing, talking, sweating. We need water to flush out toxins from our skin and our bodies. if your skin is feeling dull or you are having breakout problems, it could be because you are not drinking enough water. water also manages your hunger, you could mistake being thirsty for wanting to eat. stay on track with downing as much agua(water in spanish) as possible and i promise you, you will see a difference;)

washing all your makeup off at night
this is also huuuge for your face, i'm sure many people forgot to wash their makeup off after new years because they were too tired from all the craziness. if you can't make it to the sink, have some makeup remover wipes on your night stand, reach over and wipe off all that dirt and makeup. 
it takes 2seconds and your skin will thank you.
plus removing all of your makeup at night will save your skin from breakouts, premature wrinkles and fine lines, bonus.

this may look like sleep, which is def something you need, at least 8hrs is what you should be aiming for each night. 
But this post is about washing your pillow case.
when was the last time you washed your pillow case? 
don't remember, yikes!! 
stop reading now and go put your pillow cases and while you're at it your sheets in the wash. 
don't worry i'll wait…
now let me tell you why this is so important, when you sleep at night you sweat and that sweat from your head releases all the hair product and dirt and what ever else your hair might filter and pick up throughout the day. even if you took a shower that morning and washed your hair, your hair is like a net and traps a lot more in it than you think. now picture all that oil, dirt, hair product on your pillow case, you roll over face down and sleep away rubbing your face all over your pillow case, that is saturated with all that crap. wonder why you may have new breakouts when you wake up?
it's your pillow case.

first things first when you wake up..
moisturizer with an spf, that is after you pee and wash your face and brush your teeth, at least that's what i do ;p hehe
lather your face, your neck, your arms and your hands.
this should be an everyday must. 
that is unless you don't care about wrinkles and sun damage. the sun doesn't discriminate either, even if it's cloudy or snowing outside, you should always wear sunscreen. 
your future face will thank you. 

sponges like this one should only be used once.
twice if you really have too but there are sponge packs out there that are so affordable that it really shouldn't be a big deal to toss after each use.
these little guys can grow a lot of bacteria which equals breakouts, that is why we only use them once;)

have you ever washed your makeup brushes?
you do know you can, right?
you didn't?! 
well, let me tell you how:)
you should be washing your makeup brushes about once a week, that way you aren't transferring any bacteria and old skin cells and old makeup onto your face and you are keeping things clean.
i like to use baby shampoo, you can you any gentle shampoo that you like but never use bar soap or hand soap because it will make your brushes hard. baby shampoo is cheaper and just as effective as pricey makeup brush cleanser plus it leaves your brushes soft.
squeeze a dime sized amount in the palm of your hand, run the brush under your faucet to get it wet, swirl the damp brush in the shampoo and swirl away the dirt, making it super sudsy. then rinse your brush under running water and do so until the water runs clear.
place brushes flat hanging over the sink to dry.

and there you have it, try these things and i know you will have healthy, glowing, perfect skin:)
i hope you all had a fahhhbulous new year and that you achieve all of your resolutions and goals!! thanks for following me and for all of your support!! 
lot's of love to you all <3

oooh and don't forget to watch the segment;)

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