Thursday, January 16, 2014

fox13 live- beauty on a budget segment, how to: basics for beautiful eyebrows

let's talk eyebrows, amigos:)
eyebrows are so important because they not only frame your face, they can either be inviting and beautiful or like the one's below… a little scary.
i'm all for "each to their own" and if you like these, then good for you.
 but let me give you some advice when it comes to the basics of a good brow.

 i mean, i can't even just pick one of these! lol but if i had too, maybe bottom right corner because that is some creativity right there!

thank you once again to my gorgeous model/friend jamie lynn crandall for lending me her brows and to my fav hostess with the mostest, nineveh dinha!

thanks, brett benson for being such a good sport and letting me shape your brows on the segment before your weather report:)

love this giiiirl!!! how did i get so lucky that mahh besties are models! lol

the tools of the trade, all of these products are from walgreens.
this awesome brow kit comes with a brow scissors and a brow brush, revlon $10.49

i find that slanted tweezers work the best, studio 35 beauty $4.79

these are ahhsome brow pencils, maybelline master shape eyebrow pencil. 
i love that they come double ended, one need is the brow pencil and the other the brow brush. 

clear mascara to keep those pesky brows in shape all day, cover girl $6.49

always finish and clean up with some highlighting concealer, maybelline dream lumi highlighting concealer in nude $7.99

here's a little tutorial on how i do my own eyebrows cause let me tell you, i don't wake up looking this hot everyday!! bahaha 

hairy mary!! lol, these babies can tend to be a little out of control.
ps. i have no lashes:( i had lash extensions for 2yrs and they left me with nothing when i had them removed.
 i have lilash but always forget to apply it at night.

first thing's first, brush your eyebrows up and in-formation of your natural brow shape. 
make sure your little hairs are poking up, that will prep you for the next step.

with brow scissors or any little scissors, carefully trim your little pokey up hairs angling them into your brow. mine grow fast so i have to do this weekly.

next, pluck any excess stray hairs under and around your brow. 
careful not to over pluck, make sure you are just plucking those little hairs and not straying to far up into your big brow hairs. 
keep it natural. also pluck any unibrow type hair..

determining where your brow should begin, first take your brow brush and place it on the inner nostril. your eyebrow should start where your bridge meets your brow bone. now some people say to do this technique by measuring from the outside of your nostril, but i find when you do that, that it makes your nose appear wider. so unless you have a reeelly narrow nose, start from the inner corner of your nostril. to determine were your arch should hit, take your brush and measure from the same spot moving to above the pupil. then again measuring from the same spot your eyebrow should end at the outer corner of your eye.

now that you know where your eyebrows start, where they arch and where they end, you can fill those babies in!
some people love brow pencils, some shadow, some gels..find what works for you.
i use carbon eyeshadow from mac with a small brush, i love my brows dark and it matches my hair so it works for me.
when filling in your brows start out gradually and work your way into more color. you don't want your brows to be too heavy, your eyes will look droopy if you do. 
make sure to follow your natural brow lines. 
if you don't have a lot of hair, make sure you use the measuring technique and draw on your brows accordingly. 

use your brow brush to blend and feather out the color. 
don't forget to do this because it makes your brows softer looking and not harsh. 
blending is always key with all makeup, specially brows.

if you get any brow color outside of your brows use a q-tip to clean up and crisp those edges. 
i go through so many q-tips a day, i freaking love my q-tips.

then make sure to tame those babies and make sure they hold their shape all day long.
you can either use a brow gel, clear mascara or spray a little bit of your fav hairspray onto your brow brush and comb onto your brows;)
works like a champ!

add some highlight to under your brow bone to really accentuate your newly groomed eyebrows.
you can use a good highlighting concealer, like pictured a couple pics up or you can use a  vanilla/bone/creme colored eyeshadow.
i use this one from mac.

brush it right under your brow bone, making sure to blend into your eyeshadow.

ta'dahhhh!!! the finished brow look.
natural, pretty and soft.

now you can do it too!!

giveaway, time!! 

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good luck and i hope that this post has helped. 
lmk if you have any further brow questions, remember this is a "basic brow" look 

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congrats to callie bowers
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