Wednesday, January 8, 2014

fox13 live- beauty on a budget segment, how to: gym hair and makeup tips

i know, i get it, some people hate wearing makeup to the gym.
but guess what there are those of us who at least need a little somethin' somethin'
am i right?!?
when you feel pretty you feel confident and you can push yourself to be the best that you can be:)
including at the gym.
so, if you are going to wear makeup at the gym let me tell you the best kind of makeup to rock!
most importantly makeup that doesn't cause breakouts.

this is my ahhmazing model, fellow fitness queen and clean eating cook, Jasmine Schmalhaus.
jasmine works her booty off and so she was super excited to learn the types of makeup that are ok to sport, while doing her favorite sport.

all products for today's segment were from ulta beauty

leave those full coverage thick foundations for your day time or night time partying(i don't judge)!!
instead opt for either an oil-free tinted moisturizer or my favorite, an oil-free bb creme!!
bb creme is ahhhsome because it doesn't clog your pores, it actually minimizes pores and helps clear up any blemishes you might have. 
bb creme is a magic little thang that helps your skin while making it look flawless.
i'm loving garnier's bb creme $11.04

make sure you rock some waterproof mascara.
that way you won't have raccoon eyes from your sweat running down your face and taking your mascara along with it.
falsies volume express from maybelline $6.99 makes your lashes look thick and long, perfect for winking at that cute muscly dude on the treadmill next to you;)

my other faaaaaav mascara:
this is not waterproof!!
i know, totally contradicts what i just posted about above. lol
the thing is this mascara is the best mascara in the world right now (seriously) and the most popular too.
it is a water deterrent and won't flake off or run down your cheeks from sweating.
it also coats your lashes in proteins that strengthen, making your lashes grow long and the formula makes your lashes appear almost falsie like.
to remove it, all you have to do is scrub with a facial cleanser or wipe with a makeup cloth and it takes the mascara right off:)
benefit they're real $23.00

super, super important!! 
if you're going to focus on one or two makeup techniques, focus on your eyebrows.
 your brows frame your face and make your eyes appear larger, it's like an instant face lift. 
the best kind of eyebrow pencil or anything else to fill in the brows is any product with a waxy-like finish.
specially for the gym because the waxy finish acts like a barrier and won't let your sweat run the coloring off your eyebrows.
this is one of my faaavs: benefit instant brow pencil $20.00

got a breakout or woke up with dark under eye circles??
well this waterproof concealer from nix $4.99 is your best friend!
cover up those problem spots with out worrying about your sweat exposing those pesky problems.
workout with pride, even if you have a giant pimple, cause this is the best concealer that won't run off!!
plus how ahhmazing is that price point!?!

even if you are going to be working out and causing a natural flush, you may need a little pick me up.
this blush is bomb because it's made of amazonian clay and lasts 12hrs!!
you don't wanna look pale at the gym cause that reminds me of weak-sauce people and you don't wanna look weak at the gym!! so swipe on a little bit of blush to brighten up your face and give you a healthy looking glow:)
tarte amazonian clay 12hr blush $26.00

i love a good lippy for the gym. i personally always have a red lippy on my lips, no matter what time it is, heck it could be 5am and i can guarantee i will be sport'n my red lipstick!! 
my gym peeps know this;)
why?!? it makes me feel awake and purty, even at 5am!!
this lippy is a not as intense as a red lipstick, so don't fret and it comes in like 15 different shades:)
 it's ahhsome because it hydrates while giving you slight color and the color is actually a lip stain!! 
so you can take giant swigs of water or stick your booty out while sipping water at the drinking fountain as many times as you want cause it's staying in place.
revlon just bitten kissable $8.99

hair products

you don't wanna dry out your hair from all the salty sweat exuding from your head, protect it with a dime sized amount of argon oil, rub it into your ends. that way your hair will be protected and it smells delishh. nothing better than yummy smelling hair when your whipping it back and forth in zumba class!!
one 'n only argon oil $11.99

dry shampoo
this is for pre and post workout.
spray a little on your roots before you gather your hair into a pony tail or braid and it will soak up any excess oil from your hair while you workout, this will leave your hair smelling fresh for when you are done with your workout. 
if you workout before work or have somewhere to be after the gym, this is the perfect product for your hair.
batiste dry shampoo sassy and wild $7.99

hair ties:
the best kind of hair ties are the kind that won't pull or tangle your hair. 
opt for a hair tie that doesn't have a metal link on it, like karina elastics $2.99. have fun with them and try ties that are colored, printed or like the tony ties $6.00 glittery!!

sweaty bands are the best sport headband evahhh, priced between $10-$20!!
i love them because the inside of the ribbon is made of velvet!! that velvet acts as traction and that way it does not slip!! you can flip your hair, run, jump or whatever else and your sweaty band will not move!!
 sooo ahhsome and so useful!! 
i got these from cardio barre quarry bend ut

thank you to lolë for mine and jasmine's super cute workout gear!!!
i loooove my new pants, they are super soft and i'm really digging the print!!
if you are in utah you can check them out at:
 681 w.south jordan pkwy in south jordan

thank you sooo much to our gorgeeeeous hostess with the mostess:
and to everyone at fox13 for always being so welcoming:)

jazzy the babe, lolë looks ahhmaze on you!!
if you guys get a chance check out her website cause she is boss at whipping up clean yummy eats. 
she is famous for her jazzy things waffles!!!

flex till you you fart! haha just kidding
more like flex till your famous!! hehe
us competition girls are notorious for our flexing pics:)

and of course we had to do some bootayy shaking on set!!
my favorite thing to do:)
this girl is as crazy as me and i love it!!

as soon as jazzy and i got back to my house the first thing we did was eat our meal prep!!
competition prep is super important to us!!
chicken boobies and brown rice all day errrday!!
we both are gearing up for our next competitions in may:)!!!

then we watched our segment like 10 times and laughed about how funny we are!!
good times, fun segment today!!
thank you, jazzy for making it sooo ahhsome!!

and now…..

giveaway time !!!!


this is perfect for that new years resolution!!
the first giveaway pretty much works for utah residence only, i'm sorry for that. i promise next time we will do something else that's super ahhmazing that everyone can benefit from.
cardio barre kicks your booty and lifts it too, you want this!!
10 pass class series:)

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the second giveaway is for everyone!!!
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:) now, you can view the entire segment here:

thanks for reading/watching, amigos!!!
love you mucho and hope your 2014  is off to an amazing start!!



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  1. "take me to the barre!!"
    "sweaty betty"

  2. "take me to the barre!!"
    "sweaty betty"

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