Wednesday, May 7, 2014

abc ch.4 surprise mommy makeover

behind the scenes, prepping my mammas and dolling them up with ns minerals
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danielle whipping up magic and quickly applying her patented lock 'n long hair extensions. 
time is so limited on set that everyone lends a hand. 
chantel wall from hello darlings steps in to help curl amanda's new extensions.

these extensions are ahhhmazing and you can apply them and remove them yourself!! check them out:)

a little ns mineral bronzer  on chelsea's décolletage, i love this bronzer!!
i used it on there cheek bones and her eye lids, it looked so pretty and it is  super fast mommy on the go look. add mascara and a little liner and you are set!!

new vibrant spring/summer color elixir glossies from maybelline.
choosing the perfect color for chelsea.
we went with mandarine rapture, a vibrant orange.
on amanda we chose fuchsia flourish, a punchy pink.

annie van leeuwen and chantel wall, the two hotties behind hello darlings, they are the sweetest stylist girls around! 
check out their site and get 20% off your oder with the code: mom

fun accessories from the hello darlings shop.
how ahhhmazing is that coin necklace?!?!

chantel wall helping curl amanda flamm's new weave:)

amanda's before pic, i told her to look sad and frumpy!! 
she had a hard time keeping a straight face for me..haha, good job amanda!!

chelsea's before pic, same thing with her.. 
she wanted to laugh every time i said 1,2,3!! haha
i guess i'm just funny looking:)

the afters!!! 
seriously, how hotttt are they?!!
 i mean, they were beautiful to begin with but look how beautiful and confident they look!!! 
makes me soooo very happy:)

the team!!
 post segment, cheeeesin!

hey, let's do a funny face!!

chantel, amanda, our beautiful host nicea, chelsea, annie and cami

chelsea, amanda and cami

me, amanda, nicea, chelsea, danielle and cami

cami was obsessed with nicea, they were so cute together taking.

nicea seriously is so sweet, she was really engaged with cami:)

then cami stole the show and became a tv anchor!! haha
she is so dang cute, i hope one day we really see her hosting her own program.

picture by the infamous abc4 utah sign:)

i adore this little girl more than she knows.

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-->you can watch the segment here: Mommy Makeover

today was one of those days where you dream it up and it turns out even better than what you had imagined. 
last week i realized it was mother's day on may 11th, i thought to myself "why not do a mommy makeover?!" i have been so inspired by my two mom friends, amanda flamm and chelsea carver and all that they have been dealing with over the last 4 years plus. they are the strongest women i know, i have never met any two women who care and who are as selfless as these two. 
amanda's daughter, millie flamm, passed away almost a year ago. you should be familiar with her story if you have been following my blog. millie passed away from leukemia, although millie is physically gone her legacy and spirit live on through amanda, brady, all of millie's supporters and the millie princess foundation. chelsea's daughter, cami carver, was millie's best friend. she too has been battling leukemia, she went into remission and it later came back even though there was only a 3% chance that it would. cami just completed a successful bone marrow transplant earlier this year and was able to come to the studio to help surprise her mom. i adore cami, i had a special bond with millie and i feel like cami is her forever kindred spirit. 
after sharing my idea with my friend and hair extension wizard, danielle, we quickly decided it would be done. so we contacted our media contacts and sadly mine were all booked, since it was so last minute. i was heart broken..luckily danielle's contacts followed through and we were booked for today, this was all with in one day!! we were so excited, we just needed to contact the moms and ask a local boutique to help sponsor the ladies and dress them all pretty. i have been following hello darling on instagram and reached out to them first and luckily they loved the idea and committed. i then reached out to my friends over at ns minerals and they were so very supportive that they did not hesitate to say yes to anything we needed.
everything happened so fast and i truly believe that millie had a little bit to do with it.. i know she wanted this for her mom and for her best friend's mom.
thank you for always helping me out, millie, i know you are with us.
 i believe it with all my heart.
thank you to everyone who helped on this project and for all your support.
we hope to do more mommy makeovers to other deserving mothers:)
till then happy mother's day and if you know a deserving mom let them know;)
pass that love forward.

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