Wednesday, May 21, 2014

no more mustache mary

no more mustache!!
i'm not gunna lie, the mustache area stings a little bit getting it zapped, 
but seriously it lasts like 30sec total and really isn't that bad.
piercing your septum hurts a thousand times worse!! 
ask me why i did that?
i dunno.. i'm crazyy.
but, getting my mustached lasered off, completely different story!
 totally worth it!!
spa trouve is ahhhhsome, can i just say that their patient service rocks!!
seriously, their staff is super friendly and they make you feel comfortable:)
which is super important when you have one of them all up in your bikini area,
 if you know what i mean. lol
anywho, we have partnered up and are giving away a *laser package to get your (lady) mustache zapped-gone-fenit!! 
how freaking rad is that?!?
no more mustache!!

to enter:

1. follow spa trouve on Facebook
2. follow spa trouve on instagram
3. follow muchacha mary on instagram
5. post a picture of your gnarly (exaggerated) lady stache 
on instagram or facebook, tag us 
and hashtag it #nomoremustacheplease
winner will be announced next wednesday may 28, 2014 at 6pm mst

good luck!!


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