Monday, June 23, 2014

be the sun to my moon

pic credz: ali kunz
style/concept/edit: me
on mahh bodayy:
sun and moon print crop top: motel rocks asos, metal visor sunnies: ℅
ripped boyfriend jeans: old, men's flannel button up: sifted attire, adidas slip on sandals: here

keeping "cool as a cucumber" in this crop top, babayy!
so i've had these ripped jeans for over 3 years and each time that i wear them they get ripped even more!
 my husband has been making fun of me since last year because of the ginormous hole on the right leg. luckily for me those huge holes are becoming more on trend.. but either way, trend or not, i love these holey jeans of mine. 
oh and let's not forget about these ahhhmazing sunnies, they are super bada$$ and shield those sun rays even more since they have cool visors on them.
they are def moving up to be my fav summer sunglasses!!


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