Thursday, July 10, 2014


our 8th wedding anniversary, on the 8th day of the month, 8 is our favorite number 
and the infinity symbol resembles an 8.

i posted this little blurb on ig/fb but i'm going to post it again here:

"marriage is not easy, marriage is not like the movies or even like some people's pretend lives on social media. what marriage is is a growing love and relationship that forever needs nurturing. you have to feed it respect, love, patience and trust. you must weed out any mistakes, accusations, drama and set your ego aside. give and take. each marriage is unique. you must cultivate it into what you both want out of it. having a partner to share your happiness and sorrows with is worth all the work. to have a love and a bond that you both have worked for is a feeling unlike any other. i am celebrating my 8th wedding anniversary with my husband, morgan. over the last 8yrs i have grown as a person and have been through so much. there isn't any one other than him that i would have wanted by my side. thank you to my babe, my husband, my love."


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