Monday, February 23, 2015

i'm in love with the coco

pic credz: ali kunz
edit/concept/style: me
on mahh boddayy:
oversized striped top- ℅ coco and main, black cotton and laced shorts- old similar here
kuchi belt- old, knee high leopard print socks- similar here,
strappy knee high boots- old

"i'm in love with the coco"
i probably get that song stuck in my head 20 times a day,
specially since my top is from coco and main! haha
speaking of,
ever have those days where you are bloated and/or you ate too much but you still wanna look cute?!
or maybe you just want something comfy to wear that still has some shape to it??
-ahh, i see everyone has raised their hands!!-
who hasn't felt like that, riiiight?
well this top, people, this top right here tackles all of the above issues!!
it's super stylishhh, you can dress it hot (like me) or dress it chill (wear it with leggings, have some hot coco and call it a day)..
plus it's under $25!