Wednesday, September 9, 2015

happy 6 months to my lil'rox

pic credz: ali kunz
on mahh bodayy: 
embroidered slip dress- free people, lace up over the knee black boots- go jane
statement necklace- rue 21, bracelets- alex and ani
on miss roxie j: carters

guys, i am a mom to a six month old. 
when i think back to last year at this time i would have never imagined how incredibly happy i would be. how incredibly obsessed and in love i would be..
with my beautiful baby girl.
let alone to say that phrase "my baby girl"
i pinch myself on the daily and i can't sleep at night because i am up watching her sleep and thanking god with every breath she takes.
i never knew i could love someone with my entire being.

the last six months have been absolutely amazing, very challenging but also very rewarding.
to have nourished Roxie from 3lbs to almost 13lbs is an accomplishment i am truly proud of, for both my husband and myself. watching her grow is like watching a miracle unfold before your eyes.
my favorite is watching her eyes grow in wonder at the big world around her. 
she now recognizes her mama and her daddy, so just imagine me picking myself up from the puddle i melt into every time she smiles and coos at me.

i reflect back on the last 5yrs of all the trials, all the heartache and all the tears cried and even though it was heartbreaking, i knew deep down inside that we had to keep going.
we had to keep fighting for what we wanted.
our baby.
i wish i could go back in time to all the failed ivf cycles and tell myself everything would be ok. actually better than ok, indescribably amazing.
that our little angel was just waiting for the perfect time to join us.
i am now a stronger mama to her, having gone through such trials.
i feel like the luckiest woman on earth to have been given such a miraculous gift.
our roxie james.
she is everything i have ever dreamed of and more.
infinite love and thank yous to our angel baby baker, jeni and her husband ian.
without these two we would never have our rox. 
also a giant thank you to our amazing drs and nurses at california fertility parters 
and imc high risk department and nicu.

happy half birthday my little babes.
mama and daddy love you so much.


side note* i still need to post her birth story and our maternity pictures, i have just been so consumed with my little rox that time just slips by but, i would love to tell you all more about how she entered into this world, specially for those of you who don't know the entire story.

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