Friday, October 30, 2015

kutv ch.2 fresh living- halloween special "double vision" makeup

halloween makeup is by far my most favorite makeup to do. 
i love getting creative, trying out new looks and, that's exactly what we did for today's fresh living segment. 
we had such a blast working on some of the coolest peeps ever from the station. 
today's look was the "double vision/trippy vision" makeup
as they referred to themselves,
 the "hangover" crew haha
we did double vision makeup on 3 of them and on the 4th we painted his face white and wrote out the number 500 on his forehead, he was the aspirin! lol

as soon as the segment airs, i will post a link below:

you can also check out my beautiful assistant and fellow makeup artist/kitty's page

she is the sweetest, most talented babe ever!!

here is my easy kitty makeup look from today and a couple other halloween makeup looks from the past weeks:

you can also view more on my instagram: @muchachamary and snapchat (same name)

easy pretty kitty makeup

the birthday twins beheading makeup

birthday girl frosting beheading makeup

the ultimate chola makeup

little piggy makeup

tire tread makeup

happy hippie makeup


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