Wednesday, December 30, 2015

kutv ch.2 morning news- new years eve looks with poppy and dot

happy new years eve eve, amigos!!!!
p.s kari hawker-diaz equals the hottest lil reporter ever!

cause who doesn't party at 7 in the morning, riiiiight!!?

when you wrap an ahhsome segment..i have no fun with this chic, she is seriously one of my fav people!

..and she has the best style!

"mane" check

alrighty, let's talk new years eve makeup!! 
specifically the looks that i focused on for today's live news segment..

this is my hottie blondie exotic model, alexis.

i did a glittery smokey eye and paired it with a sexy muted matte pink lip.

when working with glitter or any kind of loose pigment you have to be careful not to get it all over your face.

a trick i showcased was to use a piece of clear tape and place it diagonally and as close to the eye as possible, where you would like your eyeshadow to end. Also, when working with loose glitter you have to prep the eye lid with a creamy eyeshadow so that the glitter has something to stick on to. 
i used a deep bronze color.

when you use the tape method, it catches any loose shadow/glitter and when you lift up to peel it off you have a perfect straight line.

on my next gorgeous model, nadya, i focused more on a vibrant lip paired with a taupe smokey eye.
i used a liquid matte lipstick, that way it will last all night because it dries matte and does not transfer. perfect for your new years make-out seshhh hehe.

make sure to exfoliate your lips first and follow with a really good lip primer, like this one from becca cosmetics.

here are some fun examples of some sexy pouts..
have fun with your lip color, if there is any one night to be bold and daring with your look, besides halloween, it's new years!!

this urban decay by gwen stefani pallet is ahhmazing and so are these stila liquid matte lippies.

how prefect are these sequined pants tho?!!!
this whole outfit can be found over at poppy and dot

along with these fahhbulous tie up heels, check 'em out now here!

but how sexy is this little glittery red number?!! it's sexy with out being to slutty, you feel me?!!
check it out also, over at poppy and dot

my dress and boots are from h&m
and kari's skirt is from forever21

sooo..what are my plans for the next next 5years?
well, i have no idea because i don't have 2020 vision!!

i could only use that joke for another 2days, i had to do it!!

but really, i just want to say thank you to you all for your support and your love over the past years.
it means the worrrrld to me, i hope i can continue to inspire and make you all laugh well into the new year. i wish you all a fahhhhbulous new years, be safe!! also, the hell with resolutions..just take each day as it comes and enjoy every second of being you.. because YOU are amazing and you can change the world with just your presence..

peace, love and happy vibies to you all.


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  1. Wow, your NYE looks were just adorable!! I love your outfit. Thanks for sharing these pictures my friend. I also wore sequined pant and black T-shirt on my New Year holiday party. Everyone adored my attire and over all looks.