Tuesday, April 10, 2018

kutv ch.2 fresh living- fake and bake, self tanner 101

 back at it with these babes, the most gorgeous hosts and my sunless tanning hot models.
my models:
sarah steele, creator of punk fit and ginger williams, amazing interior designer

my friends, it has been a minute since i have done a blog post! in the last couple years i have done welllll over a handful of appearances on fresh living but have never gotten around to posting the products etc. i am so embarrassed but at the same time.. finding the time with a now 3yr old has been the why. i know i only have one child but, if you have been following my story for awhile, you know it took us so long to get her here and honestly i spend my time soaking her allllll in :) 
i feel like i am in a great place to come back, i want to start posting more on here and hope you continue to stick around for the journey.

with that said, let's talk-
sunless tanners, my friends!

let me start out by saying, not all sunless tanners are created equal.
i wish i could pick out one for each one of you reading this, or the two people reading this (hi, mom-hi, nat) lol but to tell you the truth, sunless tanner is one of those products that you have to trial and error for yourself to find the product that is right for you. what i can do is help make the process a little easier with telling you how to prep for a sunless tan, what to do if you make a mistake (hello orange palms) and a little bit about some favorite products of mine and ones from my friends and followers on instagram.

here is a link to the segment:

*have to feed the kid-will post the products later tonight
please stay tuned :)