hola, amigos!! 
i'm mary ann cruz-horne aka "muchacha mary". 
thanks for stopping by to visit my bloggie:)
i am an agency represented internationally published makeup artist, hair artist, wardrobe stylist and model from salt lake city, utah. 
i live/love fashion and makeup, since i do it for a living i decided to start blogging about it. 
here you will find some fun and easy "do it yourself" (diy) tutorials on makeup, hair styles and making your own stuff. 
along with my own daily personal wardrobe style diary. 
i have also started to post on my very personal journey through in vitro fertilization. it hasn't been easy and i know how lonely it can be so i hope you feel comfort in reading my personal posts and thoughts on my battle. 
always stay positive and have hope that all things happen for a reason. 
mucho love to you all.
feel free to contact me with any questions:) and i hope you will follow me--------------------->
muchas grassy ass my friends!! lol

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