do you want to sponsor muchacha with your ahhhsome brand?!

of course you do!!
cause i will pimp you and your company out!!

i have over 10,000 followers on social media combined and growing.
i'm also out and about in the fashion community, i'm in or on the cover of local magazines, i do local t.v. makeup/fashion segments every month, i am a mover and a shaker, i'm an attention grabber and i put thought into my outfit of the day posts.
i don't just have someone point and shoot the camera at my outfits. i think of my outfits and i produce a whole shoot behind it. i am creative, i am different, i know how to model clothing (i do make a living off of it) and i love what i do!
i would love to wear your products, so if you feel i would fit your needs contact me ;)

i do ask that i or you pick out stuff that suits my fashion style cause i'm true to myself and my steez, no i will not wear anything with sparkly butt pockets from the buckle. and if you send me something no give backs.. lol ;)

let's do this!!


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